Images from the Gaza Protest in Amman 9th Jan

12 thoughts on “Images from the Gaza Protest in Amman 9th Jan”

  1. your work is awesome!! this pictures are great and full of power!..i’d say the best pictures i’ve seen in the last 2 years…i’m speechless…CONGRATS!! you’re great!
    one luv

  2. to be able to witness such a protest must have been intense, but looking at ur pictures i feel distressed in a good way!!!
    you captured each moment with such power im able to feel the riot as if i was there…
    ur a fantastic photographer Laith.. keep up the story telling
    sending u lots of love
    see you soon
    Lara S.

  3. Great shots. Amazing!

    How were you able to get this close to protestors and to the police? Weren’t you afraid that you may get harmed, or that they may take away/break your equipments? I always wonder how do war photographers take their shots.

  4. Amazing photos..I’m speechless. I missed the protest though I live just a couple streets from the Embassy..ggrrr..Thank you for the pictures – I am a photographer as well and am truly impressed with your work. Keep it up!

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