Taking the Leica M9 for a Stroll in Downtown Amman

13 thoughts on “Taking the Leica M9 for a Stroll in Downtown Amman”

  1. Hermano, you are so talented! i love the pictures, and how the blog looks like now. i speacially love the one with the man and the kitten :D. I also love the one you took in the market, it reminds me of the markets here in méxico city. I´d like to read all the signs and letters on the pictures, one day, I promise i´ll speak and write arabic. Thanks for letting us know more about your city! PAZ Y AMOR !

  2. sorry those pictures do not talk to me at all.
    My eyes just wander past too much detail.
    In composition less is more. I recommend to get yourself a copy of John Berger’s ‘Ways of seeing’.
    And technically there is so much more potential in the Leica lenses. Keep at it. Practice makes perfect

  3. I really like these, Laith. I think your understanding of colour is excellent. But, I gotta ask you, how do you get such clear shots at night? Are you using a flash cuz I can tell from the lack of noise it’s not a high ISO and there’s no way it’s a 2″ exposure.

  4. Beautiful. I especially love the environmental shots. A lot of familiar places, but I haven’t recently been there at night, so this was new.

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