Omar Offendum’s “Destiny”

5 thoughts on “Omar Offendum’s “Destiny””

  1. One of the best arab rap videos i’ve seen so far, and i have seen almost every arab rapper,at least live in Lebanon. The filming is beautiful as well. I’m official a loyal fan

  2. umm.. really dunno wt to say .. its the first time i hear your song “destiny ” and wt an amazing song and amazing lyrics .. loved it soooo much .. waiting to see more of your songs omar ..
    pleaaaaseee keep up this level of professionalism :)))))

    good luck and hope to see you in amman soon :))

  3. روعه .. معلم بكل معنى الكلمة ..

    على راسي حارتك يا مبدع ..

    ويعطيك العافيه ياحق ~

    واصل !!

  4. just amazing.. can get enough of listening to the beautiful lyrics and wonderful performance by omar. i was so lucky to hear him live at AUB a couple of years and the most memorable songs for me was “damascus”- i never thought that poetry can be rapped before but i felt so proud that poetry is indeed so embedded in us, in our language that it can express everyday matters and give them all their depth.. i wonder if i can buy the album where i am living now in barcelona or do i have to wait till i get back to beirut

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