The Beauty of the Rolleiflex

11 thoughts on “The Beauty of the Rolleiflex”

  1. Beautiful shots Majali.. i honestly felt the energy and story of each city from your pictures..

    keep it up.. cant wait to see more..

    3iiishhh Peace..

    love xxx

  2. finally! glad to see you pimpin’ this blog man.. was hoping to see more photos of your visit to Dubai.

    beautiful and vivid Rolleiflex photos, what happened to the Leica?!

    love the last two frames.. keep them photos coming..

    1. I still have a lot of B&W work from the leica that i haven’t scanned so don’t worry more photos are coming soon, hopefully this time it doesn’t take me a couple of months to post them.

  3. Congratulations on your use of the Rolleiflex both for street scenes, urban landscapes and paused portaits: you’ve mastered a modern view of last generation’s iconic format.

  4. I really like your work! The light and colors in LA or Cali in general must be amazing.

    Since I also have a Rolleiflex and still develop the negatives in a Lab, color and b/w, I was wondering how you process them? What kind of film do you buy? What kind of Scanner are you using to digitalized them?

    sending peace from europe

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