Downtown Amman just before Iftar

5 thoughts on “Downtown Amman just before Iftar”

  1. Laith – At the risk of sounding dumb, do you realise how good these are? I mean, how outstandingly, extraordinarily, exceptionally good they are? Your pictures of Amman always blow me away; you make the city look… extraordinary. Extraordinary. Here I am, a writer, and I can’t find the words to explain.

    Hope you’re really well. It’s been a little while.

  2. Hey Man, stumbled across your blog when I typed in ‘Leica M6’, but you’ve got some great shots.
    I’m slowly making my way from Nepal across to Egypt (in Pakistan at the moment) and dragging the Hasselblad along for the ride.
    It would be kool to catch up when I get to Jordan/Egypt if your around, I’m planning on staying a fair while so it shouldn’t be too hard.
    Anyway, hit us back

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