Images from Gaza Refugee Camp

3 thoughts on “Images from Gaza Refugee Camp”

  1. The first pic is amazing! U delivered the feeling of joy.
    By seeing this kid; who regardless his poverty is having fun to the maximum!!
    The 2nd pic I wished you captured the girls’ eye or face, bcuz apparently she’s thinking something that I can’t see! As a viewer I want to see her eyes and the end of the street.
    The neighbor pic is quite nice but I wished it was in color or at least showed me what time of the day is it? If I were you I’d have waited till sunset to capture the very same scene…
    Girls sitting by the door, I wanna see the game they’re playing, but it’s nice. The final pic; the two kids sitting on that carriage, I want to see a profile pic of them I want to know what kind of gaze they’re having, apparently they’re sad and might be bored. But I can’t really judge! Since you take photos of ppl I want to know what they’re feeling I must get something from the pic.

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