Back to the streets: The Abdali Chapter

12 thoughts on “Back to the streets: The Abdali Chapter”

  1. Abu Majai …

    Great pictures… brilliant compoition …

    i am interested in photography too … i am sure i will check ur page alot … 🙂

  2. Fresto: Welcome to the blog, glad you liked my work. keep on checking, as i am posting more and more stuff now.

    Hal: Taslami ya khala

    Elijah: When i am doing street i don’t ask. Street is all about capturing true and candid moments. Look at the works of Dosineau, Brassai and Henri C Bresson in capturing the streets of paris. They didn’t ask.
    The only time i ask is if i am doing a portrait of a person that i find interesting. Also i used to do these type of shots using a zoom lens from a distance. Now i’m right in the middle of the action, in a way i feel that i have a right to capture what i see. As for the legality of it, i don’t think there is a law forbidding photography in public space, once you are in the street, it’s fare game. If i am caught or asked, i sometimes start speaking spanish. Works most of the time.

    Maha, tololy and hareega: thanks for having a look.

  3. It’s kind of easy and interesting to actually “feel” everyday’s life in those shots.. very alive in away .. and really good !

  4. First of all…nice pictures!
    As a person who goes to Abdali on regular basis, unfortunately, the scenes are not quite as nice as those pictures; I remember one day a little boy had a new toy and wanted to play with his younger brother (both sell seeds & peanuts), but the boy ended up beating up the little brother because the latter didn’t feel like playing! That kid (helplessly) spent an hour on the cold dirty street… not moving, but crying and cursing as if he was a 40 year old bitter man (he barely was 10).

    Sorry for the long (and perhaps meaningless) comment; but felt like sharing it!

  5. It is great to see shots of Amman, shot through the eyes of someone who really loves the place.

    Thanks for these.

    And keep in touch.


  6. norm, great to hear from you. I do love amman, but i do miss L.A sometimes.

    anonymous: i shoot what i see. I don’t try to make things look nice. I look around and react. If something like what you described happened while i was around, most probably i would have made a frame. I hope to document the street both in its beauty and hardships. Thanks for the comment.

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