After 9 hours in the dark room

6 thoughts on “After 9 hours in the dark room”

  1. Hey all you loyal Battranzi readers:
    I would like to suggest that you all check out Laith Majali’s Idea in the new 2007 calender of traditional Jordanian Proverbs كلمة و مثل I bought mine at Living Room and u can find it also at Titles . I honestly think it’s a great gift for the new year! Every one who got it da3ali, therefore ba3elko jamee3an;)
    Thank you for a such a special idea,Laith! You are a national tresure insha2allah…و الخيل أعلم بفرسانها!

    By the way اعمل معروف و ارمي بلبحر


  2. Hello laith,

    I have been following your photographic development for a while and its getting better and better. Well done.

    Since I started this traveling business I am really getting into it myself. Hope to get better though.

    I am glad awel is finally getting to be a citizien again after being underground forever…that hair must be huge!!!

    be good and have a great year mate,

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