The boys from Wadi Rum

9 thoughts on “The boys from Wadi Rum”

  1. Laith,
    these pictures are amazing… i guess they arent digital? and that you print and develop your own film?
    i really admire these pictures…. keep up the good work, i wanted to email you but i couldnt find how, rather im leaving a msgs here under the comment,
    im a avid photographer myself and really take joy in viewing these pictures they speak a thousand words… ive taken some pictures the last time i was in jordan on the way to madaba.. anyhow
    please keep posting…
    and i will keep checking

  2. thanks for all the comments.
    oleander, the hassie is for a friend who is kind enough to let me use it. He actually is the reason why i shoot and develop b&w film these days.

  3. ah.. 3ogbal 3endak then 🙂
    of course it’s the photographer and not the camera that makes the picture, your work is beautiful.

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