I finally made a picture of him

6 thoughts on “I finally made a picture of him”

  1. Amazing picture indeed,I had the chance last summer to paint a picture of him. A very interesting man, his answers are vague and mysterious. He sometimescollects empty bottles and sells whatever he finds shoved into those bags.I bought a broken head of the former pope made out of ceramics..he said that the nun in al-weibdeh gave it to him. He listens carefully when you speak to him, prefers to nod or drift his eyes away if he doesnt like what you’re saying…I honestly wish to see him again, the painting was sold in Sedona. But i felt sach emptyness afterwards because he truely left an impact on the way i see people.

  2. Dear Abu Karak.

    I am George Dababneh Living in Saudi Arabia, i found your page over the net while i am looking for any thing over the net for Abdulhadi R. Al Majali simpley you made my day by seeing these photos and reading the comments which you add by a great JORDANIAN sence.
    GOD Bless you and BlESS Jordan.
    Good Luck

  3. Dana Dababneh , one of ure fans that admire ure deliberations especially ure loyalty toward Jordan.
    When i was a small girl , this man was one of my night mares ,i thought that this old hunched man will stole me , but when i get more mature i realized that this street will be so weird without this outlandish guy .

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