Downtown before Iftar

6 thoughts on “Downtown before Iftar”

  1. The photographs are great. I love the saturation of the colours. They are muted yet there is a vibrancy at the same time. I love how where there is a concentration of light on the photograph its practically bleached out.
    Downtown seems to be a very masculine domain though. No women around, shopping etc…

    I miss Amman…

  2. The reason for the lack of female representation in the pictures may not be so much the masculinity of downtown as it is the possbility that a man would be less inclined to photograph random women on the street in Amman. Downtown is male-dominated, but, in my opinion, it is to a lesser extent than the photos would suggest.

    Besides, Majali might be afraid of the possible outcomes of taking pictures of random women… if he’s spared an attack by overprotective men, he is more likely to suffer a slow painful death at the hands of his overly jealous girlfriend 😉

  3. Lovely pictures. The colors are very much like Amman in the 80’s. I love with one with the dead kids on the floor. Wow! 😉

  4. Beautiful photos of our vibrant city, Majali.
    I especially liked the, very expressive, “shoe salesman”. Everything in the photo, aside from the framing tree, seems to teetering on an angle. Ready to fall…

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