On the streets of Amsterdam

5 thoughts on “On the streets of Amsterdam”

  1. Enjoy your time in Amsterdam the most beautiful city in Europ, as far as I am concerned. Do not forget to take the river cruise, walk down from the main train station to the right and you will find plenty of boats. You can also see the Red light district and for it will be good to see the jewish community district which is called Jordan! One amazing thing to see also is the Van Guagh museum.

  2. Thanks batir. Bas im Back in Amman now. Walked around a lot, and didn’t get a chance to do the musuem or the boat ride. But I shot a lot of film and im happy with that. Im sure ill get to visit Amsterdam on a more touristic trip at some point.
    Thanks again.

  3. Would agree shooting in Europe is very different than shooting Jordan or even any place in India – though than again in the end you are shooting the same human emotions as before.

    On a secondary note, great pictures – I’m definitely going to spend some time looking at some of your previous posts. Looks promising.

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