HM the King announces: A Jordanian School for Cinema

10 thoughts on “HM the King announces: A Jordanian School for Cinema”

  1. “world-class film school serving every country in the Middle East, including Israel”

    The New Middle East? You can count me out.

  2. I’m really glad to hear that, a couple of months ago we hosted Ms Merva Faddoul from The Royal Film Commission and she talked a lot about improving and going world wide because we have some really good talents like yourself and Mr. Matalqa. I’ll be waiting for the day where we would see a decent Jordanian movie.

  3. I commend the Jordanian Government and their people! The acceptance of Israelis into an Arab society is a ray of sunshine in such a dark part of the world. I wish all Muslim countries accepted the inevitable, the State of Israel.

  4. Great idea and a long time coming. Many will want to have this experience and great work will certainly come from this. Congrats to all who are behind this but especially to the Jordanians and their progressive leadership.

  5. Hi Laith,
    i’m not quite sure if you are the one supporting this whole idea about the Media center with that terrorist state ( Israel). i think instead of goign around travelling and selling your brothers and sisters blood, water and land, you should go back to Karak where people are dying from cancer because of nuclear Israeli trash dumpped right next to your home town. make sure you solve your family’s problems starting with the way they discriminate agains the women in the family to the Wasta and corruption that takes place in Jordan.
    i think you and all the people behind this are pathetic, you run after money like dogs! make sme wanna throw up.
    may be you should concider the Jordanian presioners in the Israeli presions before you make such an eventful activity with the anemy. you know htat to them you are nothing but a dof, right?
    to hell with you. as they say: “elli sta7o, matoo”
    ciao Majali

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