Tounge out

10 thoughts on “Tounge out”

  1. 😀

    I told Chris Weeks about your photography
    and how you’re starting off! 😀
    Did he visit you? he’s so cool and he snaps good stuff!


  2. There’s a quote that says: “That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest” i guess it applies to this girl!

    I only have one question for you. what does “Bataranzi” mean??!

  3. Omar, thanks for the comment. But its too soon to tell chris about my photos. I think after seeing his work and reading his essays and more importantly just immersing myself in the works of greats like Doisneau, i’m seeing where i’d like to head in my photography.
    Thanks though.

    Anon. the qoute fits the situation of the girl real well. As for Bataranzi, it has no real meaning. It was a mispronunciation of the word ” Papparazi” by an egyptian guy in town. It made me smile, and i have adopted it as the name of my blog. Though in no way do i consider myself a paparazo. hehe

  4. this is so funny! i actually tried real hard to figure out what it ment
    I would never have thought it ment “Papparazi” !!

    you know, when i first saw the picture of this girl, i remembered the famous girl that was on the “National Geographic”…so make sure to visit this girl again in the next 10-15 years!! i wonder if she’d still be as happy as she seems in the photo!

    keep up the good work.

  5. thanks for the comment. If i am alive in 10 years i hopefully will still be making my usual trips to petra, and i’ll try and find her.

    you in jordan?

  6. I am in love with this picture.

    And I love how there’s a strand of her hair sticking right up!

    Fazee3 inta wallah, not just a funny guy, eh? 🙂

  7. funny guy…hehe… Allah iykhaleeki.

    ya sometimes i get some sparks of creativity other than comedy. Plus i’m learining the art of urban camouflage, so expect more of these candid shots.

  8. this is a truely awesome capture.
    it’s just a little fracture of a moment that could have so much meaning.
    Also like the girl on the back.

    thank you for the comment of my blog!

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