14 thoughts on “Mish 3eib?”

  1. yes hada zai ili bitlageeha labseh ishar o tanoora, ana hai shoft`ha bi 3aini… modern islam hath willa kaif?

  2. actually – if you look hard enough, you’ll realize she’s a mannequin 🙂 🙂

    in my humble opinion of course 😉

  3. Ya Jama3a khafo rabbko …. Sho hal 7aki
    El shab is a 6th year medical student and he’s giving her a mammogram test …
    7aram 3alaiko t7otto b2a3rath el nas

    Allahu Allah!

  4. aaah Jad its a model.. kont ra7 a7ke khalle el nas be 7alha.. bardo khale el nas be7alha balke el shab hmmm ma elo mo3jabeen ;P

  5. Both zahganeh and jad got it right…its an ibad….sorry gasdi a mannequin. I saw this in salt and i pushed the shutter at the right moment, shows you how a certain angle and timing could make things look different.

  6. ya3nee what fits in
    “don’t believe what you see”

    ta7sheesh hamzeh n.

    “6o5ha 6o5ha!” loooooool


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