The hardships of acting

4 thoughts on “The hardships of acting”

  1. best of luck. you have a beautiful voice as demonstrated in the first episode of JameedKast. I am not worried about you.

    بي. إس. أهلك بعثوك على أمريكيا تغني وترقص؟

  2. the singing is not the problem. Its just getting back the vocal clarity and quality needed for stage. Not to mention tonal variation.

  3. Laith,Good luck.
    I hope everything will go fine.
    Performing infront of people on stage is the hardest thing ever!
    Now,I’ve been on stage before.I found that the best way to tune in your voice is to record it and lesson carefuly were it goes bad.

    Try a shot of Tequila beofre going up the stage, it will loosen you up and get you straight.

    جميد بحكي صح
    مش لو تشتغل على كازية بيكون أحسنلك من الهمالة و قلة الحيا؟

  4. Laish,
    Mabrook 3ala hal injash il 3atheem. Shughlak ma3 muashileen brofishinal bidil 3ala inno nasha2i7i ou ta3leemi ilak bada yishmir.
    shukran innak thakaritni ka jusho2 min injashatak.


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