"Paradise Now" and the hope its given us

2 thoughts on “"Paradise Now" and the hope its given us”

  1. I saw this film here in DC two months ago before heading on my vacation to Amman..I was so impressed by everything by it especially the message..Its really one of the best films i have seen during this year..I was sad though that not many people had heard about it in Amman, and i was wondering wether they were going to play it there… I was so proud last night to know that it won a Golden Globe…It was really a great feeling to hear the words “a palestinian movie” has won..Cheers

  2. Dear Laith,

    I’ve been asked to be part of a question/answer committee on the film and I have not even seen it yet and wont get to until the actual day of the film viewing in my city. I was wondering if you could recommend some sources to view, blogs to read, summaries, etc.? Or if you could tell me more about what you liked about the movie?

    I am very interested in issues of gender and women’s representations in films. I am wondering if you noticed anything about this in particular in the film.

    Thanks a lot and good luck with all your work.


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