Yemen Diaries-1

5 thoughts on “Yemen Diaries-1”

  1. this is weird, the visa problem happend to me as well, the yemeni embassy insisted on giving me a visa and when i reached Yemen i had countless questions by the police why do i have a visa on my passport!

    reading your diary brought me amazing memories, yemen is one of the best places iv been to. dont forget to go to shibani resturant, it is one of the key places in san’a and u have to roam their shopping mall, some good contradictions. good luck in ur mission

    another bedouin

  2. Hello,
    Thank GOD!for everything.Nice to know that u arrived safely. Eagerly waiting to hear from you. You are amazing….
    Best of Luck..
    God Bless You..
    Itz Me RED ROSE

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