Ibn Batuta Al-Majali

7 thoughts on “Ibn Batuta Al-Majali”

  1. oh yeah, let us know if you are kidnapped. i want to see what price they have for karakians in yemen.

    PS don’t forget khaltit 3arees and boofya

  2. Bissalameh Majali Beik.

    The US will miss Bataranzi.

    “Eih il bita3 il eeny illy bit2ool 3aleih inta dah? Ana Ba2ali 15 sana fee 3alam il basta oo masme3tish bil eeny dah.”

    If you do get kidnapped, demand those gourmet sandwiches.

    All Love


  3. Laith….Hello,..
    Perhaps,U reached safely in Yemen..
    `cause,2day itz dec4,& u have posted on dec1…
    anyway,though,I`ve delayed 2 write or wish u a safe trip,But…
    perhaps,nothing`ll b wrong wz that…
    Be fine…Have a safe time…
    & dont say bad words,`cause didnt wanna loose U ,`cause U really did something awesome nice by creating
    a charming way 2 express ur feelings & thoughts…
    Letz share them…
    Check me here,if U want:

    All d best….
    Count me in…
    itz me…RedRose

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