"Obsession" Poster Design

7 thoughts on “"Obsession" Poster Design”

  1. heard its really baad..i think the studio is not even planning to release it in the states, its going straight to american discount centers ( marakz tasfi’e amreekieh) in downtown….hehe

  2. Laith, I’ve been silently following your posts about this movie. I think it’s looking good and I like the poster.

    I have an unrelated question. Your profile says “Media and Communications”, this is what my sister who’s currently doing her last year in IB is planning to pursue in college. She’s asked me for help in finding the right place to go to. I personally know nothing about these academic programs and was wondering if you had any quick suggestions as to where I could find such info and what program titles or names I should look for (ie. I haven’t had much luck by just searching for “media and communications”). If you would be so kind, you can use the email I provided or post any info here in public for others to benefit as well. Thanks!

    p.s. I didn’t mean to intrude on this topic, I did first try to search for an “contact me” link, but couldn’t find any.

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