View from my room Fajer time

5 thoughts on “View from my room Fajer time”

  1. nice, lighting can do wonders, the addan must be loud and clear where you live, I took a picture of the view outside my window in the afternoon check it out (on my blog). Also There I have some of my Photography of people in the Balad and Jabal Al Natheef, a directors commenting would be nice!

  2. You know, I spent days puzzling over where in Amman do we have such oblonged mada2en.. then yesterday, we were ma3zumeen 3al ftoor 3end dar 3amti, and they live in Swiefieh, so I took the circles road, and there was a beautiful sunset against a meidaneh.. and I thought, wow! I want to take a picture! Then I noticed that the mada2en are oblonged 😉

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