Wijeh il Boxeh?

10 thoughts on “Wijeh il Boxeh?”

  1. I saw the boy play in a concert in Amman some years ago and I have to see he is very talented… some even say he is a prodigy…

    As for Diana Kazarazon, ah well, I guess Jordan is stil proud of her title… Not sure she qualifies as wijeh il boxeh though;-)

  2. He plays the piano..he is really good I swear. I even wrote an article about him in the Jordan Times back in the days when I used to work there…..

  3. Actually Diana Karazon is waaaaay too much for Condy!!

    Jesus Christ, finally someone has managed to capture the most obnoxious subfemale creatures in one picture!

    God Bless them!

  4. I like diana because her voice is actually good. on top of that, she has come out to say that she does not care what people say about her weight because its good to be different and not all singers should look skinny and have plastic surgery. so i do respect her.

    as for condi, ahhh, well, im not a fan of hers and let me just say i cant wait till 2008: Hillary all the WAY!

  5. shes gonna run if she likes it or not;) hehehe you know politicians. they like to surprise people.

    any how if she does not, us dems. have this fantasy that she does run, or an image of someone like her. we just need a better candidate.

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