The face and reason behind the name " Bataranzi"

11 thoughts on “The face and reason behind the name " Bataranzi"”

  1. 7araqt-ha! ya zalameh kan sara7 feena kaman shwayeh…

    but just for the record, La Dolce Vita is the movie that introduced the term “paparazzi” to the language.

  2. very cute story.

    i just love listening to people speak arabic the real way. gosh i have been hearing americanized arabic for too long. this was nice laith.

  3. Linda, this Hamada does not speak Arabic “the real way” if you are couting on watching the clip over and pver again to learn the language better, think again.

  4. what do you mean he does not speak real arabic? laith is speaking real arabic behind the camera and that sounds nice too.

    Iyas do you always have to be a party pooper?!

  5. tab3an i sound nice…i have the voice….actually i have many voices…my favortie being nabil shu3ail’s….but anyway..hamada is speaking igibshan…

  6. salam all, bataranzi means: bat a’ala ra7tak ao nam zai ma inta , bat ( nam )

    ao salmitkom ma tghalbo 7alkoum hai 7arakato la laith hahaha

    the real meaning is BATRAN which means he has nothing to worry about originally this is a word came to our arabic language from the otmans when they occupied the arab world for 400 years bass

  7. Hello!Mr.Bataranzi!..nice 2 c u as a wonderful writer…Actually,it was last night 4 d 1st time i read this article posted by u,all on a sudden,while i was surfing on net.
    It impressed me & i started reading othrz….So Wonderful!
    Well done…only i can say Mr. Bataranzi..
    Anyway, c ya …OWWWW…..
    I didnt tell u..who m i..
    Well,call me RedRose….
    Count me in….

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