That should be illegal

7 thoughts on “That should be illegal”

  1. lah ya jameed…ana i consider this an attack on me. The note to self pertains to late night eating, with no diet coke present. What i meant to say is that Ya Sabba7 Ya fata7….kilo whopper 3al subo7?

    As for the hashbrowns, the first time some on in college asked me if i liked hashbrowns i told him “i don’t do drugs”…hehe

    As for jidi…it took him such a long time to accept that spaghetti is a legitimate dish. Fa i don’t think kan yitwa7am 3ala hasbrowns…hahah

  2. ummmmm hash browns, okay back to reality.

    a whopper in the morning? wow, plus the diet coke. hehhe, i love when people do thaat.

    maybe he was having a craving. who knows. or maybe he works all through the night and that happens to be his dinner time. did you ever think of that ya laith? hehehe.

  3. Manar: I asked the question a long time a go and no one even guessed…so i’m going to pose the question again.

    Linda: If you had seen the guy’s belly…you would sympathize with him. i dont think its a craving…i think its his usual breakfast.

    Feras: please contact me through email, we can talk more about your suggestion

  4. Your questions must have passed undetected the first time. However, I must admit the “bataranzi” does not ring a bell.

    I know though that “wa7ad embeitir” is “mhawwi”

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