6 thoughts on “Re-energized”

  1. wallahi balkontak shikilha shoghol qa3deh w kaset shay

    PS role models? my role models are Assi Al Hillani and Abd Al Raouf Al Rawabdeh

  2. wallahi inak ya zalameh heik za3altni minak…ibtakhod zalameh min il shamal ka role model?

    ba3dein ana laweish talabt il shay, 3ashan a3teeha jalsat sa7 3al balkoneh

  3. Wow that looks like it will be a great documentary to watch. You gotta let us know when its done so we can see it.

    say hi to reese for me!

  4. eh, walak 3indak na3rat? let me explain:

    Abd Al Raouf has the best physique a member of parliament, a minister, or a prime minister has ever had: karsh and laghaleegh and all. Abd Al Raouf 3aqloh kozouq w bihawesh mhawasheh (regardless if he is wrong). And we have something in common, we are both originally pharmacists. I am growing a karsh nowadays and working on the laghlough (qool inshalla) and hopefully one day I’ll become ameen 3amman, the first step into becoming the next ARR.

  5. hahah…man my favorite man in the parliament has to be Jamal il Khreisha…he used to be our neighbor…and he was the one who threw il matakeh 3ala tujan….plus he had such a sal3a…

  6. zalamass a.k.a Dudez – Ya3ny… teeezeee saret 7amra from laughing so hard at this blog.. and that TRIPLE WHOPPER DUDE.. DAMN ! ya3ny.. diet coke kaman?! Lesh m’3azeb nafsso

    blogged by an egg-Ebb-Ssion

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