New Abu Sinno Trailer

8 thoughts on “New Abu Sinno Trailer”

  1. yjazi balayshak ya zalameh! “official selection of al-karak film festival”

    and don’t forget “asba3ein foq foq” ya3ni “two thumbs way up”

  2. Hello!Mr.Bataranzi….
    Nice 2 c ur blogger ID.Actually
    last night all on a sudden,I saw ur spot,while I was surfing on net..Anyway I`m really impressed by reading your posts..
    An amazing work…
    Well done…BATARANZI..
    Go on….eager 2 c ur nxt post..
    ooow,1thing,i could`nt ur HAMADA clip,Donno why…Only Allah knwz
    C ya…..
    u wanna knw me?…well,…
    call me redrose…

  3. Bataranzi…
    U really do have a great creative sense,though i didnt c any of ur footage till now,…But i can
    say d truth only by smelling ur
    u really do have a gr8 point
    of view..afterall..
    itz an immortal happiness,
    isnt it..
    u can write 2 me,if u want:

    c u ….
    itz me redrose

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