The JFK Assassination (the Jordanian theory)

3 thoughts on “The JFK Assassination (the Jordanian theory)”

  1. OMG LAith, am laughing so hard and am afraid im gonna wake up the family.

    This is too funny. I cant wait to share it with the family.

    (im still laughing)

    as for that picture of people eating mensaf, ive seen it somewhere on the web when i was reaserching jordan and mensaf 😉

    so, did the american girl still mary the jordanian guy and his family?

    and just to remind you, when saying gas station in the American/Jordanian accent, you must pronounce it “Gas-es-Station” emphasize the “es” sound 😉 I know, my dad was a former gas-es-station owner.

    So, does Abu Raddi have a story about how bush really won the election?

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