Solving Famous Conspiracies ( Jordanian Style) Intro

8 thoughts on “Solving Famous Conspiracies ( Jordanian Style) Intro”

  1. laith, come on, the magic bullet theory explains it all.

    but i look forward to who you think kill jfk.

    and how does the colors of the plastic bags play a role?

  2. when asked about that, Dr. Mifleh said that the doble-colored or striped plastic bags have a different compound which acts as a de-catalyst for the reaction.

  3. hey sounds like a very interesting idea, im totally loving the superhero country scenario, sort of like the popeye-spinach idea. looking forward to see something

  4. Good job laith, now can you solve Abu Shakoosh mystery. If my memory serves me right, he and his shakoosh are still on the loose.

  5. you are right, we are also very controlled by conspiracy theory… which i find absolutely Jordanian, and has a hand in whatever mystery you are thinking at the time…
    this all seems like fun…

    so what is the first movie that jumps to your mind when someone asks you what is the movie you thought has the best directing? I am sure there are more than one…i am curious about the first one the comes to your mind.

  6. Yet another success story of Jordanians film makers.
    A private investigator says that 007 and Rambo are justa copycat of “Hboob el ree7”.

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