"Al-Jazeerah" Film min bootolet…

6 thoughts on “"Al-Jazeerah" Film min bootolet…”

  1. it is great to hear a review from a professional… if you say the movie is good, we will believe you and if you say it is bad we will hate it!

  2. Lah ya madas, i’ll have to disagree with you on that point. I feel that each one of us has his own view of what good is, a lot of times i have disagreed on liking movies that some people adored, and at others many disagree on some of my favorite movies. In the end it comes down to personal choice, also sometimes it depends on the mood and the setting you are in. Fa if you want follow my reccomendations, bas don’t like a movie or dislike it because so and so did. cool?

  3. It’s great we have professional review, you know it’s first time I ever hear such comment about films.
    ‘Yet the film i felt was well structured and had
    excellent design values.’
    for me, its comedy then it supposed to make me laugh no matter how! else it’s bad film, and if its romance it should make my heart beat faster and faster, drop some tears …

    Thank you abu majali.

  4. well that was how it was for me a long time ago, but once you get into the details of it, its quite amazing. There is a good book i just read by director Sidney Lumet, called “Making Movies” its really a good read if you want to know more of how a movie is made and the importants of the smallest descisions and details. Every thing counts, and although you may not notice it it registers in your subconcious. A small example from the book is that the Lumet asked for a fully quiet scene, the sound designer put the sound of a fly in the background, Lumet told him that he wanted a quite room, the designer then said, if it is quite, you would hear a fly . Simple decsisions are what make movies.

  5. Thanks laith, but you know i’m like hmm I want to read, hmm but No i don’t want,
    every film has its message to be delivered to audience, and I don’t want to mess it with going into further details

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